Hello again…

Hello again everyone … I know it’s been a while and I must apologize for my absence .  I seem to have caught the bug that is going around . Feeling a bit better today but I’m not trying to push my luck .  I did miss Halloween and I am sad about it but sometime’s thing’s just happen .

I did get a Nintendo Switch recently and can’t wait to get more game’s and stuff for it . I will have to tell you how much I’m enjoying it in future post’s .  I did get a lot more done on my slime rancher game .  It is a very adventurish game .  I hope everyone is doing good .  I want to post more in a cpl day’s when I feel better !  I will be back … Hope you’re day Rock’s.


Happy Halloween !

Hello everyone … Sorry I have been missing for a minute . Happy Halloween to everyone and I will be posting a picture of my Halloween makeup within the next few days . They scheduled it for Friday here due to the bad weather . Any which way I hope everyone has a spooky night , and I mean that in the best way possible ha ha .   
I will be back  ^^ .
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Monday is here !

Hello everyone ^^ .  It is Monday and I have wandered back once again.  I hope everyone is having a great day as always but if your not hey it’s only Monday, you have 6 more chance’s this week . That’s pretty good odd’s .

 I must admit this is one of the most anticipated week’s for me for the entire year . If any of you follow my post’s you know I have been beside myself waiting for the release of Black Ops 4 .

So this is a very good week for me because the release is Wednesday at midnight this week and I will be in the closest Gamestop waiting to get my copy ^^.

I reserved it the first day it was announced , Black ops was my favorite COD … I buy the other one’s but Black ops is the only one I’d stand and actually wait for . I have not played the free beta at all so it will be as new of an experience as I can get ^^ .   I kinda wish I could post a video but I haven’t captured game play in quite a while . It’s hard to find a peaceful area to do so in sometime’s .

I’m finally getting burned out on Nightcore sorry about my obsessive disorder I had for a couple week’s . If anyone has any music suggestions send them my way ^^ Kitty love’s music .  No country though please …. I have country depressive disorder Ha – Ha  . Every time I’ve actually sat down and tried to enjoy country , I end up crying so I gave up , It’s not worth the tears for me .

I hope you all try to have a good day …. Kitty need’s to work sadly enough . I will be back just as soon as possible ^^ …

Wednesday already … !

   Hi everyone … It seem’s I have ventured and quite by accident found a very awesome Wednesday , once I figured out how to spell it Ha – Ha .

   I guess the thing’s I learned in school have grown stale , that’s fine though make’s room for more ^^ .

   Wow this week is absolutely just flying by . I take that as a good sign because time only fly’s when it’s running smoothly .   I hope everyone else’s work weeks are doing the same thing just flying by  ^^ .

I do have something to report that’s happy for me , I am in the number 1 spot in my league on Agario …. It hasn’t been that hard to keep even . I only play in my free time so it came as quite a surprise , I think it’s the nightcore ^^ .  I can’t wait to play Black Ops 4 to nightcore , I love me some fast paced music while I am playing shooter game’s .  It kinda make’s it feel like you are actually there .

I hope you all have a day filled with much awesomeness ….I’m sending positive vibe’s to everyone ^^ and my nightcore suggestion … it helps you feel awesome as long as it’s happy music . I will be back as soon as Kittyly possible … I cant wait to post Halloween picture…. Bye for now ^^ .

So much Wow….

         Hello again … I kinda got a bit lost this weekend huh .  Honestly I fell victim to Nightcore and gaming who knew the combo would be so darn addictive.  I know some people wont agree but everyone has different thing’s they like . Making this a very cool world !

       If anyone would like to hear what kinda of Nightcore I’ve been listening to here is the link to my Youtube so you can hear my playlist ^^ .

      I’m sorry if it’s horrible , Nightcore is a new subject for me . I will say that the faster it is the better most time’s . I love Agario with it , I can even handle play through the lag Youtube causes running it in the back ground .

I have been doing a bit of everything over the last few day’s . Sadly enough the summer is ending so lot’s of thing’s in the real world need taken care of before winter call’s once again .   Sometime’s I love winter other time’s it’s kinda miserable because of course it’s cold ^^ .     I get to wear my hats again though Yay … I love beanie season . I have a black ops 3 beanie I am very attached to.

I also like having so much more time to game … I know it sound’s bad . I don’t like to run my systems much in hot weather … I binge most of the winter . The electronic’s put off heat too so the way I see it  , It’s a win win situation Ha ha .

I guess I better to get some work done before I write a long confusing book … Sorry if what I have written is kinda confusing today . Still kind of tired from all the Much WOW so I was probably doing good for what I got done ^^ . Hope everyone day is freaking Epic .  Ill be back as soon as a Kitty can be ….

If I were a Pokemon … ^^

Good morning anyone else who is on-line like me at a too early hour  ^^.   I hope everyone is having a great day , the weekend is almost here!    I don’t mean to seem so hyper but well fast music makes slow morning’s go quicker .

I came here with a actual subject thing today , pat’s myself on back .  If you have read my blog before I am a big Pokefarm supporter , This game is amazing for young and old . I used to hatch egg’s all the time hunting the rare melanistic  Pokemon. It’s silly but my most favorite hunt was corsola , by what I understand it’s a little piece of coral but they are sooo… cute.

So if I could be any Pokemon the adorable bouncy corsola would be me Kitty Corsola !   I kind of wonder what a creature like this would eat if it were here in the real world. On Pokefarm you feed them berries . If it were coral in real life I bet it’s diet might be slightly icky .

Well enough of my insane ranting’s for today ^^ …  If anyone else want’s to also be a Pokemon , Who would you pick ?  Please share so I know I’m not the only one who think’s of such crazy thing’s.  I’ll be back ^^ …

You haven’t written anything yet!

This statement describes me perfectly at the moment … Funny how things like that happen .  I am back after quite a mental debate in my mind .  Everything is just kinda Blah … I imagine its the rain .

Normally when the sun is out I’m more bubbly and energetic but as the seasons change it makes me tired .  I woke up this morning with the best intentions of writing a good blog post and put in a full day of work .  Here I am though binge listening Nightcore music and trying to get motivated.

I am thinking maybe it’s just best to go play games for the rest of this day and hopefully the sun will be back tomorrow to light up everything . I hope all of you are having a good day with lots of “sun” .  I will be back asap … to write more ^^.